Great after sales service is always top priority for our customers. For more than 45 years in the industry we had always stayed ahead of other by understanding clients need & providing excellent services. JANSHAKTI INDUSTRIES is more likely recommended by our customers to others. We always take proud of that.

To provide services seamlessly, we do have dedicated after sales service number where team of professionals take care of the matter diligently. As company is growing dynamically, we are spreading our geographical boundaries of our technical team to provide faster services.



  • Gas Equipments : Indian Make/ High Pressure only. Cleaning of Burners
  • Cold Equipments : i.e. Vertical, Undercounter, Makeline, Salad bar, etc. Cleaning compressor & condenser with blower.
  • Machineries or Equipments Case to Case basis



Non Comprehensive AMC

  • Non Comprehensive AMC is about preventive maintenance of equipment as per schedule it includes servicing and labor charges. Here breakdown equipment spare parts are charged extra as actual.
  • This contract can also be taken along with buying new equipment.
  • 3 free additional visits annually will be included in the contract apart from mentioned visits, after that visit charge will be charged extra.

Comprehensive AMC

  • Comprehensive AMC is about preventive maintenance of equipment as per schedule also includes breakdown equipment spare parts, servicing and labor charges.
  • It excludes any kind of consumables like door gaskets, door springs, fabrication repairs.
  • This contract can be purchased after warranty of new equipment is expired.
  • Service visits are fixed 1 visit per month for equipments.
  • 6 free additional visits annually will be included in the contract apart from mentioned visits, after that visit charge will be charged extra.


  • For GAS spares and parts or burner service does not carry any warranty.
  • Any kind of new electric spare or part installed i.e. Coil, Thermostat, Controller in equipment may carry limited 3 months warranty for specific equipment.
  • New Compressor in any cold equipments carry 6-month warranty. Fan, Controller, Motor, carries 3 months warranty.


  • On basis of prices mentioned, contract will be prepared considering available equipments on site.
  • It does not include already non-working equipments or damaged spare / part. It will be repaired separately, and then it will be considered under Comprehensive or Non-Comprehensive AMC.
  • AMC does not include any kind of fabrication repairs or any kind of equipment repairing apart from mentioned.
  • It does not include any consumables like Door Caskets, Door Springs, Fabrication repairs, etc.
  • This contract cannot be clubbed with another location or branch. Separate location/ branch will have separate contract.
  • For all contracts, payment will be paid in advance with cash/ bank transfer / google pay.
  • For burner servicing and fridge servicing technician may come separately.
  • Price of Spare and Part will be as per price list of JANSHAKTI INDUSTRIES with GST extra.
  • Contract cannot be cancelled once under agreement & payment is non-refundable.
  • It cannot be merged with any purchase of new equipments or not it is part of extended warranty.
  • If any new equipment is added later, it shall not be considered for servicing under AMC. It will be charged separately.
  • Any equipment or machine added later, servicing the same will be charged extra or to include in contract may change value Of existing AMC contract.
  • AMC is not applicable on part equipments or less equipments than available on site.
  • Services done apart from mentioned in AMC contract additional charges will be applicable.
  • Additional Visits will be charged 500/- including CST per visit + services done for equipments or machines.
  • FREE SERVICE VISIT only includes free visit of our technician as mentioned in contract. Spare or parts will be charged extra at actual.
  • After lodging complaint, it may take 2-3 working days to visit.
  • In case if technician is short of spare or parts, visit charge for 2nd visit for resolving same equipment will not be charged. But visit charges for 1st visit has be paid during 1stvisit.
  • For any kind of servicing which requires repair at our workshop, pick up and drop charges will be extra than actual.
  • Timing of Service: 10am to 7pm
  • For any issues, feel free to call on our service number - 9574001800 or write us @
  • Workshop & Office will be closed on Sunday & Public holidays.
  • All matters subject to Ahmedabad jurisdiction.