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About Janshakti

Where Actions become Identity

Incorporated almost half a century ago, Janshakti Industries has since gone from being just a Kitchen Equipments Provider to a Total Commercial Kitchen Equipment manufacturer & solution provider company. Driven by the determination to serve the needs of the whole “HO-RE-CA” sector, “Janshakti Industries” has today become a synonym to “Trust”.

Over the time span Janshakti Industries had crafted numerous commercial kitchens qualifying satisfied results.

Staying at par with latest demands and changing trends in the market, Janshakti Industries has always strived towards maximum satisfaction through innovative products and unmatched after sale services. Janshakti Industries is today fulfilling the demands of a wide range of consumers from HO-RE-CA sector, with its most advanced kitchen solutions.

With finest of raw materials and the latest and innovative technologies Janshakti Industries is today manufacturing a range of diversified products which includes Preparation Machineries, Cooking Equipments, Working & Utility Tables, Fast Food Equipments, Deck Ovens, Bakery Equipments, Catering Equipments, Trolleys, Bain Marie, Dining Tables, Cold Equipments, Display & Counters Equipments, Wash Area Equipments, Dish Washers, L.P.G Gas Pipe Line Installation & Burner & Spares etc.

With such an army of product range Janshakti Industries has always lived up to the expectations.

Our Vision

One Vision. One Team

“To be globally admired leader for Planning, Designing and Producing Finest Professional Kitchen Equipments.We shall be known for our, Excellent Product Quality & Innovation, Wide service support and Quality of Operations”

Our Mission

Where Purpose transforms into a Mission

Providing a value for money product & innovative ideas for professional kitchen solutions, that can create a benchmark in HO-RE-CA sector, for the local, national and global market.

To promote a dynamic work culture that encourages employees to demonstrate their best and promote the importance of ethics in their duties.

To manufacture quality products that can live up to consumer’s expectations

Our Values

JSI – Where Business meets Values

Soul of the company: Quality and service
Soul is the essence of a human body as well as the minds working behind an organisation. Janshakti Industries define its soul as the quality & service, two factors which are the essence of this organisation.

Quality can never achieved by an accident; it is a by-product of sincere efforts and determination and has to be earned.

Mind of the company: Skilled Workforce
It is the harmony amongst our team that has been our backbone throughout the course of our journey to success.

Heart of the company: Product Innovation
It is the determination with which we aim towards end-user satisfaction.

M.D. Message

JSI – Where Best Practices meets best Strategies

It’s not who we are, but what we do that defines us. With that belief in mind, we at Janshakti Industries believe that - Quality and Service are at the core of everything that we do at Janshakti Industries. Skilled workforce and friendly working environment are ingredients which have been fuelling the growth of this company. Team of Janshakti Industries is always ready to accept challenges and creating new opportunities with full responsibility & accountability of their work with dedication & consistent results. We are motivated and committed to continue this trend during our future endeavours too. Today we had headed towards further expansion by making presence across all sectors in next 5 years with our strong & committed dealer networks. We believe in crafting professional kitchen equipments & solutions to enable people to enjoy cooking, creating hygienic working condition towards betterment of all.

“Well Designed Kitchen, Healthy food, Hygienic Kitchens, Clean India”

Managing Director
Janshakti industries